Scrunchies are the hottest thing in hair accessories right now, and we couldn't be more excited about this throwback fashion trend. No, it's not the 90s anymore but that is perfectly fine, they can keep the colorful windbreakers and crop tops. Gen Z'ers have brought the scrunchie back in full force with the VSCO girl, probably because they were fortunate enough to not have to look back on embarrassing yearbook photos of scrunchie baggage. The scrunchie is a ring of elastic encased in a loose fabric that forms a ruffle when laying loose or twisted around a ponytail. These puffy hair accessories provide unmatched comfortability and versatility. They're typically made of velvet, silk, satin, and cotton and come in every single color imaginable. Lucky for you, we have scrunchies in every material and every color, at very affordable prices ready to ship today.


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