About Us

We noticed when shopping online for hair accessories that many sites lacked quality product selections, had low quality images, didn't give customers color options when selecting assorted products, didn't have product sizes in listings, and had long delivery times; all of which led to a poor user experience and customer not receiving what they had hoped. So we set out to fix all of this.
We started this website to deliver one simple idea to customers - offer the largest selection of hair accessories at the most affordable prices on the internet while providing exceptional service. We have over 1,500 products from two of the largest and most reputable hair accessory brands in the world, Goody and Scunci, in stock ready to ship from our warehouse today. And we're adding unique, fun clips and accessories every single day.
We made a sophisticated website with product tags including styles, colors, product dimensions, features, materials, brands, and more all to help you find the product that you're looking for. We took high-quality images of every single product so our listings are accurate and you know exactly what will show up in your mailbox.

With over a decade of experience in operating multiple online stores, our team has learned the value of providing unmatched customer service. We know that customers want their orders as quickly as possible. So we changed our entire business model to offer extremely quick processing and handling times, which has afforded us the ability to ship orders minutes after they're placed.
We ship all orders the fastest and most efficient way possible, directly through the United States Postal Service from start to finish. We pass those shipping savings on to you through our reduced and affordable product pricing.

We're a small group with big goals. Please don't hesitate to send us an email with any questions you might have. We know we're only as good as our customers' happiness and satisfaction with their shopping experience. Whether it be a request to ship a specific color of a product, shipping questions, general product information, to suggestions on website layout and navigation; we'll gladly help you find exactly what you're looking for and listen to any concerns you might have. Thank you for visiting our site. Happy shopping!
- KeepHairUp Team